I Synergy Group Limited is a socially responsible technology company that is positively impacting society through its innovative digital solutions.

By providing new opportunities for job creation, skill development, and entrepreneurship, the company is helping to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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Leading provider of performance-based marketing solutions in Southeast Asia, providing prominent advertisers with access to affiliates and marketing solutions to best reach their target audience.

Proven and robust revenue model with multiple revenue streams, from both affiliates and advertisers, generating recurring revenue and with high margins.

Positioned in a rapidly growing sector where Southeast Asia is a highly untapped market with performance-based marketing forecasted to reach $5.5 billion globally by 2019. Source: Accelerize Inc


Strong operating metrics with an established offline and online network of over 40,000 affiliates and 3,000 advertisers.

Scalable business model allows it to be deployed at minimum cost. The business model is agnostic and potentially applicable to a broad range of sectors.

Proprietary network system that leads to technological functions of the network’s program to run quicker, better, and safer.