Kevin Coutinho

Kevin made friends with computers and started programming at the age of 8 and has been a constant contributor to the open source developer community including the likes of GNU/LINUX, Firefox and Shells to name a few.

Kevin have also founded three companies that are here to serve a larger vision for how technology, its existence and its inclusivity will come together through Layer-One.X, Rewalty and Humanbot.

Founder and CTO of Layer-One.X which is a truly decentralised ledger solution that offers scalability and interoperability at its base layer with its innovative Proof-of-Participation based consensus mechanism powered by handheld and everyday computing devices. It offers the first of its kind interoperability (cross chain and cross blockchain) with its innovative custom atomic swap technology that can facilitate the growing need of Transactions per second and enable micro based payments and value transfer (through tokenisation).

Founder and CEO of Rewalty; Australia’s first and only blockchain based Loyalty program which provides an ecosystem for the hospitality industry with lowest food ordering merchant commissions in the world. In the process of growing Rewalty to be the only go-to hospitality app for customers and merchants.

Founder and CEO of Humanbot; Australian IT firm specialising in blockchain development.

Kevin is an expert in Core OS Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, Encryption Model Programming to name a few. Ability to code and program in more than 13 Languages.

His Academics are focussed towards how technology, it’s commercialisation and regulation can help achieve the progressive balance in creating a better world.

Academics Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s of Computer Applications
  • Masters of Public Administration
  • Masters of Accounting
  • Research Associate (Pathway to PhD) at UWA (Computer Science and Software Engineering)