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In 2009, the company launched its first affiliate marketing campaign and following the success of several subsequent campaigns, its affiliate marketing platform, Affiliate Junction (AJ,) was launched in 2010.

Today, AJ is Malaysia’s leading and premier affiliate network with more than 25,000 affiliates and 1,000 advertisers on the platform. Through AJ, advertisers are able to leverage on the platform’s affiliates as marketeers who promote their products and services to the intended target audience, and in return the affiliates earn commission for their successful marketing efforts. Promotional activities are carried out by affiliates through a range of online and offline channels.

Also launched in 2010 is AJ’s anchor affiliate program, the MyKad Smart Shopper (MSS), which falls under the retail business segment. The retail affiliate program leverages on MyKad, the Malaysian national identity smart card, as the member ID. Users must first register their MyKad via affiliates or the program’s website to become a member. Once they have become a member, they are able to enjoy a range of rewards and offers when they shop at any of the participating advertisers’ offline/online outlets.

The company then developed and launched the Retail Network Affiliate Program (RNAP) in 2014. RNAP offers retailers a well-established network of affiliates to promote and refer their brands and help recruit new partners for their business expansion. The launch of RNAP helped build AJ’s affiliate base to 10,000 affiliates by the end of 2014.

On the back of the success of AJ and the MSS and RNAP affiliate programs, I Synergy Holdings Berhad was incorporated and gets officially listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) in August 2015.

In 2016, MSS’ online shopping platform, Smart$aver, was launched. Through the introduction of Smart$aver, MSS now offers both offline and online affiliate marketing solutions for the platform’s retail advertisers.

Building on its established presence in the retail sector, iSYNERGY expanded its affiliate program offerings which cater to different business segments. The affiliate programs are Sports Access Network: Fit Tix (sports and recreation), Hot-Assist Affiliate Program (assistance services), GetDoc Affiliate Program (health and wellness) and OPPO Affiliate Program (telecommunications).

As part of its international expansion strategy, PT Inovatif Sinergi Internasional was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia and simultaneously, Affiliate Junction Indonesia was launched. Soon after, AJ Indonesia first affiliate program was introduced, the Smart$aver Indonesia, an offline and online retail affiliate program.

I Synergy Group Limited was successfully listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: IS3) in March 2017. The listing is a momentous milestone for the company as it aligns with its business strategy to expand its operations and network into different countries in Southeast Asia.