Affiliate Networks Boost Revenue for Advertisers

Are you a business owner looking to improve your retail sales? Joining an affiliate network could be a cost-effective solution to boosting your bottom line.
Familiar with affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, it’s an advertising model whereby a company, (i.e. an advertiser) pays commission to a third party (i.e. an affiliate such as the owner of a blog or other digital media platform) for leading traffic back to the business.

The advertiser will have offers that the affiliates will promote using various methods and medium available to them. The affiliates will utilise their own unique referral link in their promotional efforts, which will be able to track the lead they generated and successful conversions.

An affiliate network is simply the platform that connects the two parties and providing myriad benefits to both along the way. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why advertisers should consider joining one.

  1. Reach: The single most attractive benefit of affiliate networks is the ability to connect businesses with new customer markets. Through the network, you’ll be connected with like-minded affiliates that boasting audiences that are relevant and in-line with your products and services.
  2. Affordability: Occasionally a network will charge advertisers a joining fee however, this fee is far more affordable than the cost of establishing and implementing your own in-house affiliate marketing system.  Also, it is performance-based. The advertiser only pays the affiliate once a successful transaction – generated through the platform – has been completed.
  3. Payments:If you run your own in-house affiliate marketing system, it’s you who has to pay the individuals, generate invoices, reconcile statements and your finances at the end of the financial year. An affiliate network handles all payments between the company and the affiliate – you simply make the funds available.
  4. Advice: When you join a network, you have the support of an experienced affiliate marketing team behind you. They can recommend appropriate affiliates to partner with and offer invaluable advice on your advertising material, from the ad size to the promotion and even the links that lead the customer back to your own business.
  5. Technology and tracking:The network also tracks sales and makes all commission payments on behalf of the advertiser using advanced technology. This includes the tracking of IPs, cookies, browser session times, OS, ISP and vouchers.
  6. Broader branding:Because it’s so affordable, affiliate networking gives small to medium businesses a cost-effective way to expand their brand nationally and even internationally.
  7. Bonuses and incentives: To attract and motivate high quality affiliates, many networks will offer bonuses on monthly earnings, or will reward affiliates with holidays and other incentives. These come out of the network’s pocket, not yours.
iSYNERGY is one of South East Asia’s leading affiliate marketing network and solutions providers. Through its technologically advanced affiliate marketing platform, Affiliate Junction, iSYNERGY connects its advertising partners with their intended target audience via a network of more than 30,000 quality affiliates. 

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