Our Solution

Our Solutions


Wyde is a socially responsible marketplace aggregator platform that advocates for digital integration for merchants and boosts job opportunities for gig workers while rewarding the customers who use the platform.

As Merchants

Wyde enables seamless eCommerce packages for online and physical businesses to promote sales while growing their businesses digitally and connecting them to engaging influencers on the app.

As Gig Workers

Wyde promotes opportunities for the gig workers to earn additional income when they promote the merchants that are on the app.

As Customers

Wyde rewards its customers with points whenever they purchase from any participating merchants on the app. .

Ledger Labs

Ledger Lab is a center of innovation that brings together a unique combination of resources to support entrepreneurs, researchers, and learners in achieving their goals. It consists of two distinct components with a shared vision to promote growth through technology and social responsibility.


The incubator is a collaborative space to support early-stage businesses as they grow. It offers a range of resources, including mentorship, funding, and access to a network of industry experts and investors. It is a supportive and dynamic environment where entrepreneurs can focus on developing their products and services, refining their business models, and building their teams.

Centre Of Excellence

The center of excellence focuses on R&D and skill development. It provides a platform for learners to access high-quality training and education in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. The center of excellence also conducts cutting-edge R&D projects in collaboration with industry partners, academic institutes, and other stakeholders. Its goal is to create new knowledge, develop new technology, and support the growth of new industries.