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Affiliate Marketing

iSYNERGY provides affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers, to enable them to leverage on cost-effective and performance-based marketing channels and strategies. The company’s solutions and programs mean advertisers can harness valuable consumer data, drive sales and increase their return on investment.

Through its leading affiliate network of more than 40,000 affiliates, iSYNERGY connects businesses with their intended target audience to drive product awareness and increase sales. Furthermore, its leading support system provides a broad range of resources and tools to help affiliates and advertisers reach their business objectives.

VTRAK is iSYNERGY's affiliate marketing platfom which was established in 2010, it offers advertisers and affiliates a unified platform to conduct performance based marketing, where performance is rewarded.

By using VTRAK, advertisers offer commission to affiliates in exchange for marketing their products and services to users through affiliate marketing.

In fact, VTRAK records and reports on each campaign's effectiveness, giving advertisers with vital information. Affiliates receive organised training and assistance to maximise their potential. Through the VTRAK methodology and emphasis on Learn, Earn, and Grow.

Benefits for Advertisers:
  • The network offers advertisers a wealth of benefits, with the ultimate end result being a desired sale or lead. Through the network, advertisers are provided with access to high-value customers through the targeting efforts of affiliates.
  • They are able to reduce the risk of high advertising cost as they only pay for the desired result (a sale or a lead) as part of the performance marketing model.
  • The platform affords for straightforward implementation of a campaign and can offer advertisers valuable insights into consumer purchasing behaviour to inform future campaign decisions.
  • The return on investment (ROI) delivered through performance marketing enables advertisers to reinvest into other customer acquisition methods and, in turn, increase their marketing and sales capacity and results.
Benefits for Affiliates:
  • An affiliate marketing platform that provides affiliates with access to a variety of suitable campaigns and programs and can significantly bolster their lead generation.
  • Through the platform, affiliates gain access to a large base of advertisers and merchants seeking promotional activities, significantly increasing their income opportunity and ability to build relationships and reputation with advertisers for future campaigns.
  • VTRAK also provides affiliates with a one-stop platform and dashboard to actively manage and track their commission earnings from promotional activities.
  • VTRAK is different to other affiliate marketing programs as it offers structured training, education and coaching through VTRAK Academy as well as around the clock access and support.
Platform Features:
  • Real-time tracking and insight
    Affiliates can view all activities in real time. When a transaction occurs, it is securely recorded in the system and the affiliate is provided instant insight on their progress and performance through their own portal and dashboard.
  • Effective communication tools
    VTRAK is equipped with software that allows affiliates to effectively and efficiently connect with advertisers and consumers.
  • Payment management
    Successful affiliate promotional activities are incentivised by advertisers and iSYNERGY provides a secure tool to manage the entire process. The system incorporates a payment capability that enables advertisers to efficiently reward affiliates for successful transactions.
  • Effective advertiser targeting
    Advertisers using VTRAK are categorised by industry. Consumers using VTRAK are categorised by demography. Through filtering options and sophisticated search capabilities, affiliates are able to effectively target consumers and participate in campaigns that are well suited to their areas of expertise.
  • Database analysis
    All data procured by affiliates on advertisers and consumers is systematically and securely documented on a centralised database. Affiliates are then provided with the functionality to analyse previous campaigns to improve their services and make informed future business decisions.


The new combined App being built, Wyde, will integrate two platforms, affiliate and merchant networks, to create a better experience for both users and merchants.

It will have a single login with a seamless eCommerce experience. The core of the app will allow the users to maintain only one login credentials that can be used across all the integrated IS3 merchants allowing the users to create frictionless buying experience and needing the hassle to remember multiple login details.

The app will add new functionalities and create a unique hybrid marketplace that will incorporate a housing marketplace, affiliate marketing and blockchain-based loyalty rewards system all in one place.

To be deployed on its current user base of 2500 merchants, 1.5 Million users and 40,000 affiliates for its commercialisation.’

Ledger Labs

Ledger Labs focuses on nascent technologies development for multiple industries.

Ledger Labs provides technology, blockchain & software consulting and development, as well as government grants application, and intellectual property patenting.

The University of Western Australia is Ledger Labs’ Government Grant Academic & Research Partner. The collaboration assists clients with the feasibility study on the uniqueness & applicability of their project for Government Grants. The experts also build documentation sets for businesses to apply for Government Grants, such as CRC-P and ARC Linkage.

With technology often becoming outdated and constantly changing, the works include nascent technologies projects to innovate and take core technologies beyond their scope.

Ledger Labs work with their clients to provide a tailored solution that meets their unique needs.


Rewalty, is the first available blockchain-based rewards program and online food ordering App in Australia. It is built using open-source technology, which allows users to access rewards points and use them across its ecosystem of product offerings. Rewalty is empowering hospitality and rewarding customers, with the vision of giving the power back to Merchants and Riders..