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Wyde is a global automated and blockchain-based marketplace which advertisers can seamlessly integrate into their eCommerce stores. The marketplace incorporates seamless merchant registration, swift and simple transactions, automated influencer marketing and rewards points all within a single unified system. wyde can be easily integrated into existing Shopify storefronts and is product and industry agnostic.

wyde is open to multiple industries and market sectors. It is an ecosystem for a seamless digital commerce.

Wyde seeks to become a one-stop interface for eCommerce management and aims to drive revenue for advertisers and merchants while assisting and supporting them with customer and client retention.

Users can register with wyde to obtain access to an exclusive unique digital wallet to receive rewards and join the waitlist to get access to limited NFT’s (digital assets registered on blockchain). Advertisers and users will be able to offer exclusive products and discounts to NFT holders throughout the wyde ecosystem.

The wyde platform uses open-source technology to build robust, secure, permissioned and scalable transaction systems.

Ledger Labs

Ledger Labs focuses on nascent technologies development for multiple industries.

Ledger Labs provides technology, blockchain & software consulting and development, as well as government grants application, and intellectual property patenting.

The University of Western Australia is Ledger Labs’ Government Grant Academic & Research Partner. The collaboration assists clients with the feasibility study on the uniqueness & applicability of their project for Government Grants. The experts also build documentation sets for businesses to apply for Government Grants, such as CRC-P and ARC Linkage.

With technology often becoming outdated and constantly changing, the works include nascent technologies projects to innovate and take core technologies beyond their scope.

Ledger Labs work with their clients to provide a tailored solution that meets their unique needs.