Our Commitment to an Ethical
and Sustainable Business Practice

At iSYNERGY, we aim to ensure our business practices are in accordance with the framework of promoting sustainability, while upholding an excellent standard of performance. To achieve this, it is crucial for us to strive for empowering and enhancing the experiences of all of our stakeholders.


Our Stakeholders

At iSYNERGY, we are not just focused on generating revenue, but we are committed
to making a meaningful impact on society. Through partnerships with a diverse
range of stakeholders, we leverage collective expertise and resources to address
complex sustainability challenges and create shared value. Our ecosystem
development platform empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs, enhance
their business acumen and digital literacy, and generate sustainable income.

By recognizing the crucial role of job creation and entrepreneurship in driving
economic growth, we are playing our part in contributing to a better future.

Our Employees

Our employees are the backbone of our organization, and we understand the
importance of creating a supportive work environment that promotes equal
opportunities, transparency, and ethical practices. We recognize that diversity drives
creativity and innovation, and we foster a culture of open communication and
collaboration across all levels of personnel. We uphold ethical conduct in all aspects
of our operations, including data privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property rights,
and the use of emerging technologies. Our commitment to our employees ensures that
we attract and retain top talent who share our values.

The Economy at Large

We understand that businesses play a critical role in promoting economic growth
and reducing poverty. Through our wyde platform ecosystem, we provide small and
medium-sized businesses with opportunities to participate in influencer marketing
program where, our influencer members promote products and services to awider
audience. By doing so, we create employment opportunities and contribute to
the growth of the local retail industry.

We are committed to enhancing economic growth through the development of new
technologies, increasing financial literacy among the population, and environmental
conservation. Our holistic approach to achieving sustainable economic growth
considers social and environmental factors, and we are continuously investing
in research and development, staying current on emerging technologies and trends,
and improving our products, services, and business processes to remain competitive.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a crucial pillar of the mission and values of our firm. We are committed to having a positive impact on the community by establishing and implementing CSR programmes that provide continuous benefits to the community.

Our CSR policy attempts to incorporate social, environmental, and economic factors into our company operations, with the ultimate objective of creating shared benefit for all stakeholders. We feel it is our duty to not only produce economic value, but also contribute to the well-being of the community and environment.

Through our CSR activities, we aim to educate, inspire, and engage our stakeholders and employees in order to foster a more sustainability-focused culture. We understand the significance of fostering a solid relationship with our community, and we take pride in giving back in meaningful ways.

We think that corporate responsibility is a basic obligation to society, not merely a box to be checked. We are dedicated to creating a good effect through our actions, and we will continue to develop creative CSR programmes that benefit both the community and our company.